Wenn man unter Ewigkeit nicht unendliche Zeitdauer, sondern Unzeitlichkeit versteht, dann lebt der ewig, der in der Gegenwart lebt.

If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs
to those who live in the present.


Ludwig Wittgenstein





For a long time under the covers
She clasped the wax against her breast
Till it was soft and warm.
Then she got up, and with great pains
And with a patient loving hand,
Portrayed the living image
Of the man she carried in her heart.
When she was done, she threw the effigy on the fire
With leaves of grapevine, olive and oak,
So it would be consumed.
She felt herself dying from the pain
Because the spell had worked.
Only then could she cry.

Primo Levi



Melchior de Wolff