This stain is the only remaining trace of ten thousand people systematically gassed for the “crime” of having a disability by the Germans in 1941 in the gas chamber at Hadamar hospital/extermination institution. These persons, as well as those who followed them, murdered by lethal injections, starvation or otherwise until well after the end of WWII, all remain nameless till this day. It is illegal in Germany to publish the names of the very first victims of the Holocaust ie. the disabled. Deprived of a life, in death, they continue to be deprived of respect, honour and remembrance.

This is a list of some 30,076 persons who were murdered in the first phase of the German systematic killing of disabled persons, T4, in gas chambers up until August 1941. The author explains on his website why he decided to publish the list of names, despite his agreement with the Federal German Archive, thus controvening German law. Please take a look.: here