Im Sammeltransport verlegt
- ein öffentliches Geheimnis

a project exploring the lives of
victims of the German persecution
of the disabled from 1939 to 1946


The shy 25 year old Frieda met her future husband Joseph Roth at the Viennese Literature café, Herrenhof, in 1919. Before long she became the subject of his poetry as well as his secretary, editor and critic.

In 1930 Frieda, showing signs of mental illness, is admitted to a private sanatorium outside of Vienna. Joseph continues to pay for her institutionalization until 1933 when, due to financial ruin, he has her transferred to the Irrenanstalt Am Steinhof (Lunatic asylum, am Steinhof) in Vienna. In 1935 Frieda is transferred to the Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Mauer-Öhling (public
psychiatric hospital).

In 1940 a group of doctors, arriving from Berlin, compile a list of all patients diagnosed as Schizophrenic, Alcoholic, Senile or Epileptic. Frieda, along with 693 other patients, is transferred to Hartheim extermination institution where they are murdered in the gas chambers on July 15, 1940 under the direction of Dr Rudolf Lonauer.